Welcome to the Referral section of ID Graphics, Inc.

In this section, you will find the tools necessary to proceed to the next stage of helping us to service the needs of a growing economy. To access the forms and documents, you need the password given to you by the Director that contacted you. If you do not have or cannot remember your password, please contact us via email at jobs@idgraphicslive.com.

You will work as an Independent Contractor.  All Company Income is reported to the IRS and filed.  It will be the responsibility of the Contractor to file their own taxes using form 1099.

~Thank You and we look forward to working with You~

The Referrer Must:

  • Adhere to rules, regulations, terms, conditions, contracts and standard procedures of the company.
  • Submit all requested information that may be necessary in establishing a proper business relationship with a potential client.

    Please note:  All relations are contractual.  A referrer's packet must be completed with all forms (including a W-9 for tax purposes only, DMV & GCIC Reoprts if necessary) and review a Referreral Agreement before actual hire.

***Application for Referrers
(Click to download)

Instructions: Download IN ORDER, fill in text fields, print out, scan, email back to jobs.idgraphicslive.com

Please submit the ENTIRE application all at one time (#s 1-4). Do not send an incomplete Referrer's Packet. If required for your position, the DMV & GCIC Reports are due NLT 2 weeks from time of packet submission.

*Please note: Your electronic signature on any documents regarding
ID Graphics, Inc. shall be considered valid.

*Click here to see a Sample Referreral Sheet*

*In order to view these documents, you must have the password given to you by the Executive Director. If you do not have this password or have forgotten yours, please contact us at jobs@idgraphicslive.com



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