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Interested in a website? ID Graphics, Inc. is here for you. Please view our portfolio page to get an idea of some of our work. Of course ID Graphics, Inc. has it's own design concepts; however we allow the customer to have complete control over the look, feel and design of their own website. Use the above links to navigate around the website section.

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Your Domain

  • Your domain is the www.*********.com name that people type in to find your site. Please, when thinking of a name, remember that most people hate to type and most are not the greatest spellers, so don’t go for a huge domain that no one will type out or may, misspell.
  • Bad Idea:
    Good Idea:
  • To search domain availability, go to and type in the name that you would like.


  • “Meta Tags” are hidden keywords that the search engines look for.  The designers have to place these into your webpage.   Please put together a list of as many words (or combinations of words) that you think anyone looking for your website would type into a search engine. Please separate each keyword with a comma.
    (i.e.  daycare, Child Care, After School Programs, Atlanta, etc.)
  • We also need a brief description, a sentence or two long that describes your company.  This will show up when a person searches for your company using a Search Engine.

Navigation Bars, Different Pages, Text & Content

  • Please submit the navigation bar tabs that you want. (i.e.  Home, About Us, Contact Us, Etc.)
  • Please send final versions of your text, not images, nor rough drafts.  Minor editing is expected; however, too much may result in an extra charge.
  • Please use a separate document for each web page.
  • Please do not request that we pick out the relevant information from several documents that you may send. We do not know what is important for your company, and may choose the wrong information.
  • Please submit the names and content for each web page that you will have, displayed in the navigation bar.
  • If your site includes sub pages, please submit the names for those as well (for drop-down/sub-menu’s).

Images & Photos

  • If you have a business card and/or brochure, please send them to us via email. This helps with our understanding of your company’s visual representation.
  • Please send any images / logos that you require on your site to us in digitized form, via e-mail or on a CD mailed to us.
  • The quality appearance of your website is based largely on the photos or images you choose for your web pages. Clipart can be used, but tends to make the pages look cartoonish.  Photos are usually the best format.
  • If you don’t have the images you would like, please send us a description of the type of image you would like and we will search our stock image library to find something that is suitable. Stock images are included free in your web site package.
  • If you need us to prepare specialized graphically designed, please explain clearly, and possibly include a sketch. We charge for such items on an hourly or project basis.
  • To assist in effectively creating a style that you like, please search for websites that appeal to you and email their links to us. Also, please list the details of what about the website appeals to you (layout, color scheme, functionality, etc). We also encourage you to look at your competitor’s site and see what you should and should not have.

Contact Info, Questionnaires & Forms

  • Please inform us of which email address the information should be sent to when your customer hits  the “submit” button.
  • Please send the names of information fields that you want to customer to fill out.  Also include which fields you need to be “required” and which fields are optional for the customer.

Email Accounts

  • If you have purchased hosting with ID Graphics, Inc., we will need to set up your different email accounts. 
  • Please send us the email addresses that you would like for us to setup.
    (i.e.,, etc.)
If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call @ 404-803-1028.

Derrick Wills-Freelance Photography & Graphic/Web Design!

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