ID Graphics, Inc. takes pride in offering the best services of excellent quality for the cheapest prices. It is almost guaranteed, and I say almost because in living in honesty, there is always going to be that high school student who wants to form a career in Graphic Design and charges $20 for a website because he is learning at the same time as using Y ou as a guinea pig.

But here at ID Graphics, the prices you find will definitely beat any competitors, and if they don't, chances are that what you will get is not worthy enough to be displayed. Here, you don't get what you paid for, because you will always get more. God has blessed me with an ability, and therefore, since my blessings and income ultimately come from Him, I don't ever want anyone to be out of house and home when paying for a service that God has granted me to bless others with!

I always try to work with people and just humbly ask that you don't take advantage of that and payments. If you do, you've got to take that up with God, since I am one of His servants, therefore, I don't need to worry about being taken advantage of, since He gave me this business, it's His to take care of and defend. But with all of that said,      Be blessed and enjoy the prices!


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Derrick Wills-Freelance Photography & Graphic/Web Design!

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